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    Welcome 2010

    As we approach 2010, Stone Harbour Press wishes to thank all of you who who have worked with us and wish each of you a New Year filled with further creativity, opportunity, and prosperity. Our sincere thanks for the trust and encouragement you have shown in purchasing and reading Heart of a Pirate. Look for new additions to our list of titles in the coming months!

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    Mystery Teas at Amicus Books

    Join us at Amicus Books on Friday, December 18, 2009, at 6:00 p.m. for the last of the lovely Victorian holiday teas hosted by Amicus Books, the Pirate Mystery Tea, featuring guest author, Pamela Johnson. Come and be a character in in this delightful mystery and enjoy tea, cakes, sandwiches, and good cheer. All proceeds from the event go toward the literacy program for authors of all ages. Tickets are $25. 413 D Street / Marysville, California / 530-237-6402.


    Lyon Books–Chico, CA

    I encourage all of you interested in a fine bookstore to visit Lyon Books in Chico near Cal State Chico. Heather Lyon has put together an amazing holiday activity for authors in the area, six Holiday Open Houses featuring twelve guest authors at each. Heather graciously opened the bookstore to the community to visit and speak with local writers, as well as giving writers an opportunity to meet each other and to share ideas. Each of the books featured on Sunday (November 29) was well-written and constructed with care and consideration. An absolute pleasure to meet so many talented people!


    KVMR-Public Radio-Nevada City, CA

    I am completely enamored by the idea of radio–the small room, lots of metal and technical equipment, casual clothing hidden under serious talk, and ideas spread over air waves that are repeated by others you meet on the street!

    If you would like to listen to my radio interview on Book Talk, google KVMR, click on schedule (right side of page), look for Monday, 1:00 to 2:00 p.m., click on Book Talk, click on Program for November 23.

    Many thanks to Eric Tomb for the opportunity to experience radio interviewing firsthand and to be able to speak to so many on issues of poverty and piracy and the social systems that create pirates!


    Texas Renaissance Festival

    Another amazing experience. The Texas Renaissance Festival, November 14-15, where I was the featured author at the Festival’s bookstore. The weather could not have been better, and it brought out thousands of fair-goers from all parts of the country. The largest Renaissance fair in the world, Tex Ren is beautifully spread over 250 acres, with permanent buildings in medieval or Tudor style, an arena complete with bleachers for Scottish games and jousting, lots of good food in traditional style served on pewter dishes, plenty of snacks (and healthy ones!) and a place to enjoy them on benches set under spreading trees.

    The theme of our weekend was “Highland Fling”, and there were many ladies in plaid skirts and sashes, as well as hundreds of men and small boys in kilts and knee socks and wearing a sporran. Bagpipes and Scottish dancers, even kids from the crowd who used their folk-dancing skills to twirl to pipes and drums and flutes.

    My thanks a thousand times over to our sponsor, James Huckabay, who invited us, set up our table and chairs under a lovely tree, drove thirty minutes to pick up Heart of a Pirate so that it would be at the Festival when we arrived, and even gave us a quiet place to rest and a chest of ice for drinks.

    To my wonderful family, Phyllis and Adrian Partain and Patti and Pat Buckley, who stood behind me, dressed as pirates and speaking with patrons, who made food and shared wine and laughter, my heartflet thanks.

    To Adam, my son, who watched our dear Labrador, Gracie, so that we might travel.
    And, as always, to my husband Erik, who follows me whenever I have a new adventure, my love and gratitude.

    Many, many thanks!

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    Hillside Club–Berkeley–October 30

    Just in time for Halloween, I spoke on pirates of the 18th century to the remarkable and accomplished women of the Berkeley Hillside Club, comparing pirates of old to the contemporary pirates of Somalia. Interspersed with the talk were readings from Heart of a Pirate.

    Many thanks to Sylvia Paull for graciously inviting me, and to Cynthia Josayma for making it all happen.

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    Orinda Books–My Thanks

    Thanks to all of you who showed up on a beautiful fall afternoon to support and listen to information on pirates and the Golden Age of Piracy.

    To Liam Johnson who dressed in an awesome pirate costume, even though he left the eye patch at home!

    To Dee Humm a special thanks for her review for the Ladies Guild of St. Monica’s and for coming even though it was only half-time of the Notre Dame game!

    To Orinda Books for their kind encouragement, efforts, and promotion of the book, for taking the time to set up, print postcards, and display the book’s poster. Especially, thanks for your openness and willingness to support artists and writers. You are, indeed, a true asset to the community.

    For those of you who missed the talk, join me on Friday, October 30, 2009, at the Hillside Club Last Friday Luncheon, Berkeley, CA, at noon.


    Thinking about the Holidays

    We are all beginning to think about the holidays now that October is officially here.  I encourage you if you are in the foothill area to think about the Mystery Teas presented by Amicus Books in Marysville.  This fundraiser for a very worthwhile arts cause will have many fun surprises centered around different authors and different themes.  Three will be presented during December, just in time for the holidays.  For ticket information call 530-237-6402.  Join me as the guest author for a pirate mystery on Friday, December 18, 2009!


    Renaissance Faire Pirate Weekend-Sept 19-20

    I met so many of you at the Faire interested in the subjects of writing, publishing, reading, and, of course, piracy. Many of you took home Heart of a Pirate and I am hoping you will write to me here to tell me your thoughts. Some of you I’ve already heard from, so do keep me abreast of your ideas.

    Special thanks to Linda Kay Silva who went out to her car to bring me her second book in the Across Time series, Second Time Around.

    Check out “The Ladies of Lollybrach” support group for Diana Gabaldon, also interested in pirates and all things Scottish.

    To the members of the Renaissance Faire community who dress in medieval and Renaissance garb and who work the booths, who are creative artists in ceramics, jewelry, pewter, and other fanciful goods, who play the music and perform the plays, and to Michelle who saw the potential of having books at the Faire, all of you are terrific!

    Leave your thoughts here so that we can share them!



    Welcome to Stone Harbour Press. We welcome your views on the stories and visual arts you find on our site. As you read or purchase, please let us know what you think of our visions and ideas. With warm regards and looking forward to hearing from you, Stone Harbour Press




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